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3 Cures for the Post-Eurovision Blues

Eurgh, it’s a nightmare isn’t it? Eurovision season is over for another year and now you’ve been left with that horrible, bluesy feeling and the Sound of Silence. Well Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone, here are our cures for Post-Eurovision depression (PED).

1) Watch the Show Again

While some euromedics might advise against re-exposure, we see no reason you can’t watch the whole thing again and of course, thanks to the internet, you can. If you want your local commentary it might be worth trying the online catch up service for your broadcaster first, but if this has expired, or doesn’t exist, try the stream of the whole show above or go clip-by-clip on the Eurovision YouTube channel.


2) YouTube Your Favourites

While you’re on YouTube, don’t forget most of this years’ competitors will also have other songs available for you to watch. Whether this is an entire back catalogue of recorded material or a load of clips from the talent show they found their fame on, most of them have more songs out there. To get the video of Poli Genova imitating Justin Bieber above we simply found an interview of her talking about being on the show, googled the name of it in Bulgarian, and copied and pasted that into Youtube. Easy. Other techniques involve finding the relevant page on Wikipedia, changing the language at the side and copy and pasting from there or just trying in English. It’s up to you. It just depends how bad your PED really is.


3) Hibernate Until Next Year

Obviously, this is quite an extreme tactic but sometimes there’s nothing else for it. If you can’t handle sleeping for a full 12 months you could always cut it short by waking up for Melfest in February (and if you’re unfamiliar with the Swedish national selection show then you might want to start getting over your PED there). Medically, of course, we only recommend this treatment if you have no real world commitments over the next 12 months and the above techniques have both failed!


Let us know who you get on and we’ll see you again next year with all the information you need to get your ideal Eurovision Top 10! Goodbye!

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