My Eurovision Top 10 – James

I have been playing with eurovisionr, our tool to help you find out which Eurovision entries deserve your vote. Here’s my top ten from 12 to 1 points. Ranked by male, dubstep, more wins, more facial hair, bookies odds (tie breaker).

Hungary – In my opinion the best song in the top 10, and the most addictive. More drum and bass than dubstep, which is a huge positive for me, more about the music and less about machine noises. The music video is deep and thought provoking.

Armenia – Another thought provoking video, the bookies are loving this and it’s looking popular online. Armenia and Hungary both rank highly for dubstep and Armenia only marginally missed the top spot due to Hungary’s higher level of facial hair.

France – Facial hair’s a plus, cheesy, someone with somewhat Jedward-like hair appears in the video too. The song is catchy, although most is in French so that could act as a negative! The video is simply insane… in a good way.

Norway – Norway have three wins under their belt, could this be their fourth with the beautiful Silent Storm?

Denmark – Can the hosts Denmark win twice in a row? They have a very catchy song, Bruno Mars in disguise?

Switzerland – Love the whistling, not sure about the dancing in the video though, a spaghetti monster mid-video might save it.

Belgium – I’ll be honest, this isn’t really my sort of thing and I’m not convinced it’s right for Eurovision. I think they’d do better with Go compare, go compare…

Greece – Greece’s entry sounds like a pretty generic club song. I’m not convinced Greece can afford to win, they might be hoping the Eurozone doesn’t loan them points this time around.

Finland – This isn’t quite as hard rock (hallelujah) as Lordi, but it’s another rock inspired entry from Finland, can they repeat Lordi’s success?

Iceland – In at number 10 is a fun colourful cartoony band, logo and video. An enjoyable entry but such a massive contrast to the drum and bass act at the top of the list.

Who gets your 12 points? Let us know in the comments!

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