My Eurovision Top 10 – Jade

Based on my preferences (solo, female, pop, rock, dance, ballad) let’s see who gets my eurovisionr 12-1 points…

Ukraine – I love this song. I loved it the first time I heard it and I’ve loved it the next 50 plus times as well! Well deserving of my 12 points.

10 pointsItaly – A year in Italy means I’m well aware of Emma Marrone and I love this upbeat pop-rock number enough that I often find myself screaming along (I can’t sing) at the top of voice.

8 points

Israel – If I liked this song before then I loved it once I saw this video from Evita club in Tel Aviv. Mei has a great voice and by the looks of it, a really fun personality on stage too!

7 points

Lithuania – I’m fairly sure this is a Marmite song and one lots of people won’t like, but I love it – the first time round I played it 3 times in a row! Since then some of the other songs have grown on me more but I still hope to see Vilija rocking it in the final!

6 pointsF.Y.R. Macedonia – Although a great dance song, something about the vocal for this doesn’t quite click with me. Probably not my 5th favourite song, but not one I completely dislike either.

5 pointsEstonia – A really good, upbeat song that has been in my Top 10 since day 1. And by the looks of it, the choreography in the final performance will be amazing – if a little Loreen-esque.

4 pointsSpain – The first time I heard this song I was determined not to like it (ew, ballad) but the chorus has been firmly rooted in my head ever since and I’m sure I’ll be singing along at the final.

3 pointsSan Marino – I love Valentina’s determination to keep representing San Marino, and while this song is no Facebook uh ohoh, I love the fact it has a hint of Bond theme about it.

2 pointsMoldova – I’m fully expecting this song to make the best use of the stage effects in Copenhagen, and if it does, the combination of such a powerful song and performance should make it worthy of anyone’s Top 10.

1 pointUK – I actually really like our entry this year – not as much as some of the other songs in the competition but it’s a really good, modern effort. For the first time in a few years, the UK can happily have some points from me!

Now go see who gets your 12 points and let us know in the comments!




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