James (Developer) & Jade (Researcher) Creators of eurovisionr.com
Credit: Jade Elliott

Meet the Team 2016

We’ve been doing this for four years now, but who are ‘we’? It’s time for Round 2 of eurovisionr Team Speed Dating!

eurovisionr: Hey Jade, for those that don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

Jade: I’m a massive fan of music, food and travel (I’ve lived in four countries in the last five years!) and I have a degree in Modern Foreign Languages. I’m currently looking for graduate level opportunities (hire me!) and multitasking all sorts of end jobs to fill the gap.

Jade Source: Author

e: And what’s you role at eurovisionr?

J: I’m responsible for data collection, social media and content creation. Plus I came up with the idea!

e: Wow! So when did you originally decide you wanted to make eurovisionr, is it a lifelong ambition?

J: No! It was a spur of the moment thing – I’d been playing with the Guardian’s Pontifficator to help you select a new Pope (Jorge all the way!) and realised Eurovision definitely needed something similar. Every year it seems so hard to pick just one favourite and eurovisionr seemed like a good way to get someone to make that decision for me!

e: I guess you’re a big Eurovision fan then? What’s the plan for this year? 

J: As long as I can remember I’ve loved Eurovision, but I started taking it really seriously a few years ago when I found some friends who love it as much as I do! This year it’s my gran’s birthday so we’ll be having a big family get together and watching it live – each backing our eurovisionrs of course!

e: Nice – hopefully you will be able to do the live updates again this year!

J: Of course I’ll be doing updates – I love following on Twitter as it gives me a chance to see what the rest of Europe (and sometimes the world) is thinking, plus it’s a great chance to show off all the knowledge I’ve picked up during the research stage!

e: Awesome! So, final question, who’s got your 12 points?

J: This year I’ve got Bulgaria as my eurovisionr, but the rest of my Top 10 look pretty cool as well – especially if you want to pick a winner! Now it’s just a case of waiting for the results to come in!

e: Thanks Jade! Now, James, it’s your turn – tell us about yourself…

J: Hey! I am James Acres, I’m currently based in Bristol, UK – interesting things about me are my love of food, music and I’m also playing badminton these days. I have a first in Computer Science from the University of Southampton, and love creating secure, usable and creative web and native mobile applications and the backend APIs to support them. I currently run Bubbly Clouds https://bubblyclouds.com/ where I provide web hosting services and I am also a Senior Software Developer at Lumina Learning where I recently developed the entirety of their fully native Splash App for Android, iOS and Web https://splash.luminalearning.com/ (yes, I know both Android and iOS).

Looking good, James. Credits: James Acres
Looking good, James. Credits: James Acres

e: So, tell us how eurovisionr gets made…

J: Well, to do all the development, the site is mainly written in Angular JS and Node.js with a bit of PHP here and there. Jade and I have a pretty good working pattern where I can import the data she provides and focus on the technical bits rather than the data.

e: Awesome! So what’s the best thing you get out of this project?

J: I use Eurovisionr as my playground, it’s a way I can play with the latest and greatest tools and techniques, if they work well I then go ahead and use them day to day in my full time roles.

e: You said you’re a fan of music, but would you describe yourself as a fan of Eurovision?

J: To be honest, if it wasn’t for Jade I probably wouldn’t have made this site, however I do enjoy it!

e: Will you be watching this year?

J: Yeah, not sure what the plan is yet, but I’ll be watching with my boyfriend Stephen.

e. Aw! And who will you two be supporting?

I think that’s one for another blog post!

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