Dami Im Credit: Giles Park

No, but where are you *really* from? (2016 edition)

So Australia are in Eurovision again. And they’re still not in Europe. Big deal? Not really, and like we told you last year, here’s why…


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For starters Australia is hardly the only non-European country competing this year. None of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel and Armenia are European either and they’ve all been competing for years.

In 1980 even Morocco had a go.

And Australians have always been free to sing for another country anyway. In fact, Ireland’s two-time winner Johnny Logan was born in Oz.

Credits: Nationaal Archief/Wikimedia Commons

Plus there’s not even a rule that you have to represent your own country (although some countries do self-impose this). The San Marino entry this year? Well that’ll be Serhat. A famous TV presenter in his native…Turkey.

Turkey to San Marino via most of Europe, Serhat Credits: Klaus Roethliesberger
Turkey to San Marino via most of Europe, Serhat Credits: Klaus Roethliesberger

Saying that, Turkey aren’t competing this year and San Marino is tiny, so it’s only fair, right? But then again, Moldova isn’t massive either and they at least they managed to get someone who grew up there, even if Lidia Isac is *technically* Russian.

Lidia Isac Credits: Alexander Ustin
Lidia Isac Credits: Alexander Ustin

France on the other hand DID manage to find someone who was born in the right country. But Amir has been pretty well settled in Israel for the last 20-odd years, which (again) is not actually in Europe.

Amir France Renaud Corlouer
France’s Amir? Or Israel’s? Credits: Renaud Corlouër

Though at least Israel is at least a familiar name to Eurovision fans, unlike…

But how do we know who she's wearing Red and White for? Switzerlands Rykka Credits: SRF/Lukas Mäder
But how do we know who she’s wearing Red and White for?!  Credits: SRF/Lukas Mäder

…Canada, which is where Switzerland’s Rykka was born AND grew up. But she does now live in Switzerland, so that counts right?

And even when the artist is local the song might not be. This guy is Sweden’s Thomas G:Son (he helped write Euphoria) and he’s written two songs competing at Eurovision this year…

Credits: Albin Olsson/Wikimedia Commons
Credits: Albin Olsson/Wikimedia Commons

…One for Cyprus…

…And one for Georgia.

Which, if you remember, is not actually in Europe either.

Still not in Europe.
Still not in Europe.

So yes, Australia isn’t in Europe. Does that matter? Not really, but if it’s still bothering you, you can pick your own (probably) European artist by region here.