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Eurovisionr Maths

Sometimes we need to break something down to understand it. Sometimes new ideas come from reusing existing ones. Sometimes all you need is maths to work it out. With that in mind here’s some basic eurovisionr maths (for super Eurovision fans)…


“I’ve got it – Sweden have been doing pretty well recently, so what if we take all the best bits of their performances and make a whole new guaranteed* super winner?!”

*(Not actually guaranteed)



You can hear Molly Pettersson Hammar’s influence all over that vocal. Good job they’ve got her on backing vocals for the live shows!



Start with literally any Woodkid video add the folk/hip hop crossover of Donatan & Cleo My Słowianie and you get Greece 2016.



Ever imagined what Regina from OUAT would look like with Ellie Golding’s Skrillex hair? Voila – Poli Genova!



What if Kurt Calleja taught Ann Sophie to dance? Oh look, it’s Barei!



Can you imagine if he brought out the rest of Westlife to be his backing singers though?



If Cascada’s electronica married the sultry scandipop of Margaret Berger they’d birth little Icebreakers all over the place.



The Baltic plan;

1. Rank in the Top 10
2. Sack anyone else you were working with
3. Write almost the same song again
4. Get someone different to sing it
5. Release.

Also using this technique? Latvia.



Combine the retro influences of Basim and Ann Sophie and get April Kepner from Grey’s Anatomy to sing it. Seem familiar now?


And finally… Ten?

The most European of entries (a Turkish singer, Turkish composer, Greek lyricist, French backing signers/dancers…), San Marino’s song this year could claim to be from practically anywhere except San Marino. Not that it really matters, of course.


And now you know exactly what’s going on why not let us know any other comparisons you’ve spotted in the comments? Or if you think you know what adds up to a winner, try it out on the homepage!


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